What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a health care profession primarily concerned with the treatment of pain, injuries, and disabilities to improve the comfort, strength and mobility, improving functional ability, and quality of life. This is accomplished by a licensed physical therapist through evaluation and treatment to attain the patient's goals and those of their doctor. Those goals should individualize the treatment to that end.

Can I choose my physical therapist?

Sure, just as you have chosen your doctor, you can also choose your physical therapist. When your doctor prescribes physical therapy, you can request to be sent to the Physical Therapy Center. I receive most of my referrals from physicians based on the care their patients have received in my office over the years. Still, many patients request my services based on my reputation and the recommendation from their family and friends that I have successfully treated. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do I still need a referral to receive physical therapy treatment?

Yes, for you to receive physical therapy treatment by a licensed physical therapist, the State of Alabama and your health insurance company require a physician referral for coverage.

Does my referral need to come from a specialist?

No, any doctor or dentist licensed to practice medicine can make your referral. So even your family doctor can refer you for physical therapy.

Who will my therapist be?

Your physical therapist will be Joe Pierce throughout your full course of treatment.
- Therapist Bio

What will my therapy consist of?

Typically, your therapy will include a combination of physical modalities such as heat, cold, and electrical stimulation to relieve your pain and spasm as well as a program of exercise and mobilization to recondition your area of injury or pain. It is very important that together we reestablish your mobility, strength, and coordination through a progressive rehabilitation plan to reach your optimum level, relieve your pain and return you to a normal functioning quality of life.

How long will my physical therapy course of treatment take?

Each person and their problem are different. The length of the physical therapy course of treatment depends on the severity of your problem, your response to treatment, the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor, your compliance with attending your sessions, doing your home exercise program, and modifying your activities as instructed. You are ready for discharge when:
  • Your goals have been met in terms of pain, mobility, strength, and resumption of activities.
  • You can safely resume your activity level prior to the injury or the onset of the condition.
  • The physician approval is obtained.

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